Wareabouts Training Stables
Updated May 20, 2015

Rob has a super, new and improved web site that is mobile platform friendly. Check it out at
http://robkroeger-horses.weebly.com or go to his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wareaboutstrainingstables

The trainer at Wareabouts is Rob Kroeger who was raised on a farm in the Mutoko district of Zimbabwe.
He has ridden horses for recreation and sport, particularly Polo Cross, for the best part of 40 years.
In 2002 he moved to Alberta, Canada and settled in Turner Valley where he was introduced to
the western culture of "Natural Horsemanship" by attending clinics by Glen Stewart
and Jonathan Field. They inspired him to find his niche in the horse training business.

We know he chose the right place to start his training business.
Where else would you go but Alberta?

Rob on east slope of Ware Ridge

After a few years as a professional horse trainer at other locations in Alberta, Rob finally started Wareabouts Training Stables. Wareabouts is ideally suited to the type of training he does - Foundation Training. This covers starting colts, restarting horses off the track (or other competitive disciplines), problem solving and trail/recreational riding.

Wareabouts is a small facility where Rob has exclusive use of the indoor and outdoor arenas. He takes a
maximum of 6 horses at one time. Each horse will get the optimum training and care to be mentally collected to learn and become "Calmer, Braver and Smarter".

Bring your horses in during the winter so they are ready for spring

Rob knows that no two horses are alike and sets up an individual training program for each animal.
Each step of this program is communicated patiently in a clear, consistent manner.

No problem for Meadow

Rob will also help you understand the temperament of your horse and teach you how to work with your horse's "Horsenality".

Before the saddle or bridle

Wareabouts is located next to Kananaskis Country, southwest of Millarville, which provides miles of trails in the bush for Rob to expose a horse to a variety of experiences.

On the trail in K-Country

Rob also can start your horse driving in a safe, controlled environment.

Heading out with Harry

Whether it is laying down the foundations with a young horse or solving a problem with an older animal,
Wareabouts Training Stables provides a safe and secure environment for your horse. Rob will work with you individually or set up clinics for your group or organization.

Illustrious Alumna - Welty - Daughter of the famous Weltmeyer Stud

Use the contact page on this site or call 403-931-3788(Barn and Home) to contact Rob.